We are proud to be licensed by „Polish Coeliac Society” which is member of Association of European Coeliac Societies.

No.Registration numberName of the Tagged ProductGrammage
1PL-041-003Laura gluten-free60 pcs
2PL-041-004Nadia gluten-free52 pcs
3PL-041-005Tivoli gluten-free34 pcs
4PL-041-008Tulip L gluten-free/Wafer tulips gluten-free60 pcs, 40 g
5PL-041-011Gluten-free Wafers/Wafle tortowe180 g
6PL-041-012Gluten-free Wafer Cones/Rożki waflowe do lodów85 g, 95 g, 130 g
7PL-041-013Gluten-free Wafer Bowls/Miseczki waflowe do lodów100 g, 150 g
8PL-041-014Napoli gluten-free52 pcs
9PL-041-017Sandwich gluten-free80 g


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